How do I sign up?

Simply visit www.stemlive.co.uk and click the ‘Join For Free’ button. Add your details and you will have a free account created for you – that’s all you need to do whenever you want to take part in one of our live lessons, log in and find the lesson you want to watch.

Is there a cost?

No, STEM Live is completely free for all!

What are the benefits of live lessons?

STEM Live is designed by curriculum consultants to ensure that the content is relevant and supportive of your teaching. The lessons feature experts from a wide variety of industries demonstrating STEM-related topics at locations that you wouldn’t normally be able to visit. Our lessons are free, easy to join, engaging and curriculum-aligned – what more could you ask for?!

Are there activities to support the lessons?

Most live lessons will indeed have supporting resources or links. Sometimes these will be downloadable guides or activities, and other times they may be links to web pages containing useful supporting information. These links can be found below the stream window. Sometimes there will be pre-lesson activities (these are optional and will not affect your enjoyment of the lesson if you do not do them) and there are also likely to be follow-up activities to enhance the teaching and learning surrounding the topic of the live lesson itself.

How do I interact with the lessons?

We use an interactive tool called Slido. This is a panel that sits to the right of the stream window. The presenters will pose questions, set polls and ask you to participate in word clouds using this. All you need to do is type in the box and submit your response! Please check you have access to sli.do – your IT Technician or internet provider will be able to help you with this.

How long are the live lessons?

Most live lessons are a maximum of 45 minutes long. This will typically include 35 minutes for the lesson, plus 10 minutes for an interactive Q&A at the end. Some live events may be shorter Q&A sessions (20 – 25 minute) and these will be advertised accordingly.

Are the live lessons relevant to an overseas audience?

Yes, our lessons will usually be aligned with the UK curriculum and will be aimed at either KS1, Lower KS2 or Upper KS2, but most of the topics will be relevant to other curricula or simply be exciting, engaging and inspirational subjects for any young person to enjoy.

What is a Star Question?

Some live lessons may feature the opportunity for you to ask a Star Question. This is a video question submitted on social media that we may decide to put to the guests in a lesson or Q&A. If you see a Star Question link and want to try to get your question put to a guest, simply record a child or children asking their question using your phone or tablet, and submit it as a Twitter or Facebook post, tagging @stemlivelessons so we get notified.

How can I keep up to date with STEM Live?

Create your free account at www.stemlive.co.uk and you will be kept up to date by email, with details sent ahead of each and every live lesson so you can add them to your calendar and never miss one!

Follow us on social media:
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Facebook https://www.facebook.com/stemlivelessons

What accessibility features do you offer?

The STEM Live page itself features an accessibility widget (lower right corner) which you can use to tailor the look and feel of the page to your liking.

Live lessons themselves use YouTube for the streaming platform and you can enable subtitles within YouTube by clicking on the settings cog icon at the bottom of the stream window, then choosing your subtitling option.
NB: wait until the live stream has begun before trying to access the settings.

What do I need to take part in a live lesson?

All you need is to have a STEM Live login (free) and to ensure that you have access to watch YouTube and use the sli.do interactive panel. If you are in a school, you should ask your IT technician or internet provider to check these for you. Other than that, you just need to access the live lesson on your laptop or computer and output it to your projector or digital screen if you are taking part in a classroom – make sure you are connected to speakers as well, so everyone can hear the lesson clearly!

Can I watch the lessons full screen?

Yes, if you prefer to make your viewing window full screen, you will have that option in the lower right corner of the stream window.

Do be aware, however, that when you are full screen you will not see the slido interactive panel at the side of the screen and you will need to exit full screen mode to use that. Alternatively, you can access the slido interactions on another device – just look for the QR code on the live lesson page to allow you to get slido on your phone or tablet.

What if I miss the start of a live lesson?

Don’t worry! All live lessons can be watched on demand at any time after the event. If you are just a few minutes late, you can scroll back the progress bar to the start of the lesson – just remember that interactions such as quizzes and polls will be synchronised with the live broadcast though, so you may not be able to participate in these in real time if you are a few minutes behind.

Can I watch live lessons on demand?

Yes! All live lessons are available on demand free of charge whenever you need them – you can plan them into your topics and watch when they are relevant to you, or rewatch to reinforce learning.

Want to learn more?

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